Wednesday, 3 June 2020


Routine Care Advice For Your Hardwood Floors

You picked a house or apartment with hardwood flooring or have installed or refinished your hardwood flooring not only for aesthetic reasons but also for reasons that have to do with cleanliness and"ease of maintenance." How do you maintain your hardwood floors looking their finest -- without exerting more energy than you must?

Consider these Important tips:

1. Protect the floors from sun damage

Based on the angle at which sunlight strikes your floors, discoloration can occur over periods of time. Look at installing shades or blinds to prevent long-term discoloration.

2. Clean the flooring appropriately -- with good tools

If your plan is to vacuum the floors, get a canister vacuum cleaner that has a special attachment built particularly for bare floors. Otherwise, you can scrape and scour the ground and destroy the finish. When you sweep, use brooms that have what are called"burst" fine endings -- these are exceptional for collecting dust, grime, and dirt. Dust mops may also be hugely useful -- particularly in the event that you want to acquire beneath appliances or sectional sofas and cabinets. Some experts think that it is ideal to spray on your mop head with a particular dust therapy a day or so before you sweep.

3. "Prophylaxis"

As they say, the best defense is a good offense. Proceed crime against components that might nick, discolor, scratch, serrate or otherwise goop-up your hardwood flooring. If you have cats or dogs, trim their nails regularly. If you wear high-heeled shoes -- along with your adolescent daughters as well as their friends do -- insist on"no shoes" on the hardwood flooring. You may want to use plastic mats,area rugs, or throw rugs to pay"high traffic" areas. Should you spill, then mop the liquid up ASAP, so it does not stain, cause discolorations, and/or create sticky areas. Water may also warp wood and lead to mold. Note any insect infestations. For instance, if you see termites or ants parading around your home or flat, connect with an exterminator ASAP.

4. Regular upkeep

No matter how hard you work to protect your floor from dents, scratches from heavy furniture,spills, and the buildup of grit and sand between the flooring boards, life is life, and your hardwood floors will take a beating if you use your home regularly. Even in the event that you don't, the accumulation of dust, bugs, and other ecological factors will probably wear down your flooring, discolor them, warp thewood, et cetera.To fight back, calendar in regular and regular maintenance. The team at Putney Floor Sanding has been helping homeowners and business owners at Putney Area Peninsula) for two decades.Putney Floor Sanding is a Diamond Certified Business, and we all belong to the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), a nonprofit group that reflects reputable companies in the hardwood flooring industry. We install, refinish and supply dust free sanding to your hardwood floors please contact us for a quote and/or additional information. 020 3151 3907 or.